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MS AIR SOLUTION has been established to meet your expectations. Our team includes people with vast experience in the maintenance of radial and positive displacement blowers. Many years of experience, as well as training cycles conducted by Howden – manufacturer of equipment brands such as: HV Turbo, Roots or Dresser, prompted us to join forces and create MS-AIRSOLUTION. So, today we can proudly offer the best in turbocharger compressor service.

Our goals, the achievement of which will have a positive impact on the condition of the environment, are reflected in the care and service of your turbocharger compressors. Only fully operational equipment ensures efficiency, so we act responsibly and transparently to show that we care about reducing our environmental impact. Our services are mainly aimed at institutional customers such as wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, combined heat and power plants, and power plants. The equipment we service is an essential part of the technological processes in these plants, such as tank aeration, flue-gas desulphurisation or sulphur recovery.


Our goal is to ensure that your blowers, often referred to as the very heart of your plant, perform at the highest level. We can assure you that we will support you professionally and responsibly at every stage of your machine's life. MS-AIRSOLUTION's highly qualified staff will successfully stand up to other specialist companies. We wish to be a partner in the communities in which we operate and are ready to take on the challenges of the competition. We are ready to act because time and experience in the industry have taught us to be humble in relation to equipment, environment, nature and man.



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You don't have to take our word for it, trust our specialists and you will become a satisfied customer. We present experts who have been using the principles of "due diligence" in turbocompressor servicing for years:
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