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Our engineers rely on due diligence when carrying out any service work and their professional experience is second to none in the market. Several years of training by Howden Turbo, manufacturer of HV Turbo, Siemens, Roots or Dresser brand blowers, is supported by experience in our market. We are ready for any cooperation aimed at using our experience to solve your problems.

At MS AIR SOLUTION, we focus on creating long-lasting relationships with our customers in order to be able to support them in their joint challenges, because we care about good relations and achieving common goals.We take an individual approach to each task and our primary and constant objective is customer satisfaction.Work is always carried out with the utmost care for the equipment entrusted to us, and our employees are always ready to meet any challenge.Our ambition is excellence in everything we do, as the quality of the work carried out is crucial to achieving a competitive advantage.

In the world of change, competition and complexity in which we operate, quality and reliability are more important than ever.All work is recorded in our system; in addition, the team keeps individual photographic records for each turbocharger compressor.In order to provide the customer with a satisfactory solution, we focus on the actual condition of the equipment by performing diagnostics that are able to identify the cause even before a problem arises in the form of a breakdown.

We see this as an investment in a better future.We use proven methods developed by equipment manufacturers and top-quality equipment. At our disposal, we have the following specialist equipment: National Instruments vibration meter with Kistler piezoelectric sensors, used for vibration analysis of serviced equipment; SKF laser set for motor alignment - which we use to align a motor with an accuracy of a hundredth of a millimetre; a precise induction heater, also made by SKF, used for the assembly of ball bearings, which ensures the right assembly temperature.



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We are an absolute leader in the field of machine relocation, and our company has extensive experience in implementing the most demanding projects in this industry. Our passion, knowledge and commitment to each project allow us to confidently claim that we are experts in the field of industrial machinery relocation.


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We are a company with an established position on the market, offering comprehensive services for the paper and cardboard industry in Poland. Our areas of activity include renovations, service, repair and modernization of cardboard machines as well as commissioning, diagnosis and repair of electronic equipment.