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Roots blower service

Basic service 

The scope of work for each blower is agreed individually, based on the customer's current needs:

  • partial disassembly of the cabin,
  • general condition assessment,
  • supply and change of oil,
  • supply and replacement of air filter,
  • checking of bearings for wear and tear,
  • checking the degree of wear and tear on seals,
  • measurement of unit operating temperatures,
  • checking and adjusting the safety / start-up valve,
  • checking of labyrinth seal rings for tightness,
  • checking and adjustment of belt transmission, adjustment of clutch,
  • supply and replacement of drive belts, coupling flexible connectors,
  • checking the non-return flap,
  • checking the correct functioning of the measuring clocks,
  • evaluation of the dynamic condition of the compression stage and the drive motor by vibration measurement - according to ISO 10816-1,
  • scope of work for measuring clearances:
    • measurement of clearances between rotors,
    • measurement of clearances between rotor and blower body,
    • measurement of clearances between rotor and blower side cover,
  • drafting an inspection report with detailed results of the service tests of the equipment with a final evaluation and recommendations for further operation.

Full service 

Scope of work:

  • partial disassembly of the cabin,
  • disconnection of metering,
  • removal of the worn out compression block from the blower,
  • regeneration of the block in terms of:
    • supply and change of bearings,
    • supply and change of seals,
    • supply and replacement of retaining nuts,
    • supply and replacement of bearing nut,
    • supply and replacement of drive shaft seal,
    • supply and replacement of spacers, shims and seals,
    • supply and replacement of air filter,
    • supply and change of oil,
  • delivery of regenerated compression block and installation in the blower,
  • carrying out clearance measurements on the rotors,
  • carrying out test runs,
  • diagnostic measurements after commissioning of the blower,
  • documentation of the repair and diagnostic measurements.

+ The scope of work of the basic service

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